Rugby Myths Debunked

Like all other sports, Rugby is not immune to have myths that are absolutely baseless and unreasonable. There are millions of rugby fans and the sport that attractive catches the attention of all minds out there. People have all sorts of myths about rugby and we need to debunk them.

All rugby athletes are strong

The word ‘all’ is the problem here. As harsh as it may sound but not all rugby players are strong. A person who is body building might be strong but a rugby player, if not immensely strong can get away with that. The tricks of the trades are what matters the most. We have seen some lean players do wonders on the field. However, coaches who have undergone a personal fitness instructor training prefer the players to be physically and mentally strong.

Unreasonable moaning about being tired

Sitting on the couch and watching the game doesn’t really burn calories, playing on the field for hours under immense pressure does. So the myth that the players just whine about being tired, doesn’t work here. Even the rugby fitness training can be quite extreme and hectic for athletes.

The player is young that’s why he is fat

Rugby and being overweight don’t go together. Personal fitness trainer courses put a lot of emphasis of building body muscle other than fat. There is no excuse fatness when it comes to rugby. These are merely just the results of poor diet and too many cheat meals.

You can become an expert at rugby in two days

This sort of attitude is basically wanting to run when you don’t even know how to walk properly. The rugby fitness training builds up step by step and takes time before a player is completely ready to perform on field. Sometimes players spend hours training so they can perform even close to being good.

The referee must stop the game if there are injuries

Most of the leagues always have medical staff and first aid available. But with all these processes under control, fans sometimes want the entire game to stop if their favourite player suffers an injury. That is not fair on anyway. Both way, the show must go on and it does.

Hope with all the debunked myths, it becomes easier for you to understand what rugby actually is all about.