How does playing rugby changes your body for good

In the world of fitness all physical activities are encouraged to the most rugby being one of them. Many physical activities effect your body is more or less a similar way; however rugby has some immensely great and different benefits that it provides for your body. Whether you are playing it for leisure or profession, it has amazing fitness and health benefits. So including rugby in your fitness training can help you in the following ways.

It is an amazing cardio

All the coaches and fitness trainers around us are trained through personal fitness instructor courses where they are taught to start off the client by cardio exercises. Be it a 60 year old person or a young athlete, cardio is what really gets you in the mood. This is the most important thing to improve your cardiovascular health which prolongs your life and stamina to the most.

You are basically training for speed & endurance

In the initial days, you should expect many speed and endurance related fitness routines from your coach or personal trainer. This is what the entire personal fitness trainer training is all about. To motivate the player to resist and endure whatever may come. Rugby can teach you to become fast and patient. You easily learn to endure minor pains, injuries and aches with ease.

More physical flexibility

Rugby is a game where you are constantly shifting with every passing second. You would need to move and twist your hands and feet rapidly which then trains your body to build flexibility. You should expect flexibility exercises in your fitness training which have no harmful side effects but only the good ones.

Brain Health

This might seem a bit odd but rugby can actually contribute towards the physical state of your brain. When you play rugby your brain releases an enzyme called endorphins which helps in keeping your mood great and make you sleep better at night only to wake up fresh and ready to conquer the game.

Bone Density

Rugby can change your bone structure to make it stronger because you are actually putting stress on your bones while playing the game. Personal fitness instructor courses have an entire section to train the coaches on how to take this matter slow and efficiently. Once the density of your bones in increased, you have no chance to developing any bone related diseases later on in life.